What I’m thankful for: Doctor Who Style

I don’t really celebrate thanksgiving. Yes, yes I am one of those people. However, a college friend posted a blog post about why she is so thankful for Disney and I figured I could make a similar post in regards to Doctor Who. Any excuse to write about Doctor Who and avoid writing my fifteen page theology paper…

What I’m thankful for: Doctor Who Style


Sometimes the “real world” just sucks. There is no need to mince words or pretend otherwise, there are moments (which sometimes feel like they drag along and last years) where we struggle.  My friend, Karen, introduced me to Doctor Who during a time where it felt as if my life was falling apart. I had been hospitalized for depression, I had been kicked out of a church based internship because I was honest about my depression, had my health insurance revoked and I was preparing to go back and live with someone who had been mentally and emotionally abusive to me while I was growing up. I was staying at my friend’s house in an attempt to relax for a bit. She recommended we watch “Rose” and from then on I became addicted to the show.  During the next few months things went from bad to worse, my grandmother got sick, she moved in with my mom and I for a few weeks and I had to deal with trying to navigate Medicare/Medicaid, and my mom began to act even more like a spoiled brat. So whenever I could catch my breath, I would escape into the Doctor’s world. A world where things can go wrong, and things often suck, but a world also filled with wonder and beauty. That show really helped me get through those miserable few months, and even now, when I struggle with moments of deep depression, the show helps me feel better, even if only temporarily.



I went to my first convention, “Whofest” in Addison Texas and now I am hooked. I’ve begun looking at various conventions throughout the country and will begin budgeting and saving money so I can go to a convention at least once a year. I loved being surrounded by others who are just as passionate about the show as I am, if not more so. At Whofest, I met people who built their own daleks, who spend a good amount of money and time cosplaying, and who enjoy talking and analyzing the show. It was a place where I felt relatively normal. I wish I could afford to go more than once or twice a year, but that just means that I will treasure the time I do go to a convention even more. If you haven’t gone to a convention, I suggest that you try to go. I loved my time there and am hoping that as I go to more conventions I will become more outgoing and friendly. I do act a bit shy when I am surrounded by a bunch of strangers but nonetheless, I still had a great time at Whofest.  The next convention I have my eye on is Britishfest in Omaha Nebraska in June of 2014…


Meeting others

I am an introvert, which at least in my case, means that I have a hard time engaging in small talk and I generally feel uncomfortable talking to someone I do not know or being in large groups. However, Doctor Who has become a way for me to meet others. I enjoy having people come up to me when I am wearing a Doctor Who shirt, or my mini 4th Doctor scarf, and start striking up a conversation about the show. That makes me beyond happy. I also have a hard time connecting with other people, I’m just not one to make friends easily, but being able to find other people who enjoy talking about Doctor Who does help ease my loneliness a little bit.


My blog and facebook page

And of course without Doctor Who, I wouldn’t have created this blog or started the Doctor Who and Theology facebook page. I love having discussions and conversations about the show, or even just reading comments about how a particular post or link made someone think about the show in a different way. Or I enjoy the moments when someone points out a theological connection in an episode and then says, “thanks, I don’t really have anyone else I can talk to about this.” This is the longest I’ve been able to sustain and regularly update a blog. The show is just so vast and big, that there are so many theological connections one can make and that is what keeps me fascinated and interested.


So I am thankful for the show, and for my friend, Karen for introducing me to Doctor Who and I am also thankful for my blog readers and for those that are a part of my facebook page. I hope that if you celebrate thanksgiving, you have a great holiday. And for those of us who don’t, for whatever reason, may we have a relaxing and restful day.



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