My Letter to Karen Gillan

I will be detailing my experience at the Dallas Comic Con Sci Fi expo later on this week, (and hope to continue counting down my favorite Matt Smith episodes next week). However, I decided to post the letter I wrote to Karen Gillan that I was able to give to her. Of course, while writing it, I knew there was no guarantee she would actually read it, since she gets so many letters and I even if she did read the letter, she might think I was weird and just throw it away, but I decided, this was once in a lifetime opportunity, so what the hell?

Dear Karen Gillan,

I know this is cheesy and awkward, but since those are two of my most defining characteristics I figured, hey what the hell? Why not just be true to who I am…anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for portraying Amy Pond with such humor, passion, and of course sassiness. And thank you for being part of a show that, even though I’ve only started watching fairly recently, (about a year ago) has come to mean so much to me. 2013 was a tough year. I spent my 23 third birthday in the hospital for depression and as a result of said hospitalization I was kicked out of what was supposed to be a year long internship program and I was forced to return home to a not so great home environment in a low income neighborhood. During my childhood and into my teens, while I was living at home my  mother was at best neglectful and at worse emotionally abusive, so needless to say having to return to that house after I had thought I had permanently escaped was a bit of a letdown.

However, it was during that time of confusion and sadness that one of my friends introduced me to Doctor Who. “You need to watch this show.” She told me, and I just shrugged, at that point I didn’t care what we watched, I just needed a brief reprieve from the real world. Little did I know what an adventure I would be undertaking. I fell in love with Amy’s story. The girl whose life didn’t make sense-the girl who waited. I can’t speak for anyone else-but I can’t tell you how many times during my childhood I wanted to escape. I didn’t understand what was going on around me, I didn’t understand that the way my mom treated me wasn’t necessarily a measure of my self-worth and I wanted to escape. How I dreamed that someone-anyone would show up at my door and whisk me away. So I resonated a little bit with Amy’s story. Yet at some point she had to stop waiting, and at some point we all do. Even though I’m 24, I still find myself struggling to “grow up” and not be that scared little girl who only had her imagination and her hope of rescue to get through the day. Her story made me realize that I no longer need to wait for someone else to rescue me, I am strong enough and I am worthwhile.

Since that time I was introduced to the show, things have improved drastically, I left home and am now in grad school but I still continue to struggle with depression. But during my darkest moments, the show remains a source of comfort.

So thank you for being part of a show that has helped me and continues to help me through some tough times. Thank you for your kick ass portrayal of Amy Pond. I am excited to see your future work and I know that you will continue to bring you passion and dedication to your future roles and I know that you will continue touching lives.

So yeah sorry for this cheesy and awkward letter.



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