A Short Break

I am about to finish my second master’s degree, this one a MA in MIddle Eastern and Islamic studies. As a result, I will be a little busy the next few weeks with final papers, moving, and trying to scrounge up enough money to survive for the next month or so before my internship starts.  I will try to get back in two weeks or so. And I know this is a long shot, and I don’t usually beg on this site, but here is my paypal link in case anyone can spare a few dollars: PayPal.Me/NaiomiGonzalez.  This is embarrassing to have to ask for help from strangers, but hey I’m struggling and I’ve been honest about my struggles with depression, why not be honest about this.?  Being a grad student who comes from a low income family can make things difficult. My family tries to help out when they can, but they have their own debts and struggles to focus on. I also know that a lot of my readers also have their own financial struggles, so I know not everyone is in a position to help.  But if you could spare a few dollars so I can buy food, pay for my medicine, and the moving costs of graduating. That would be great. I promise I won’t make this a regular part of my blogging.

But anyway, wish me luck as I finish my final few weeks of this degree program and I hope to write something new in May!


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